Do I need climbing experience or advanced physical fitness to participate at the Ropes Course?
Absolutely not. The Ropes Course is designed to create personal and group development. We aim to enforce existing capabilities and disprove established restrictions, rather than highlight individual limitations.

Does the program continue during inclement weather?
Yes. We work in the sun, rain, and snow. The only time that programs are cancelled is due to high winds or thunderstorms.

What should I wear to the Ropes Course?
The Ropes Course is a fully OUTDOOR facility. Please dress for physical activity and the weather. Wear clothing that you do not mind getting dirty. Footwear that covers your toes must be worn (no sandals or flip flops).

Sun - shorts and T-shirt are acceptable but keep in mind that it is often quite a bit cooler in the shade of the trees. Long pants may be advisable for those concerned about insect bites.
Rain - wear waterproof footwear and insulated, waterproof clothing
Snow - wear warm footwear and insulated, waterproof clothing

Are there washroom facilities provided?
There is an accessible outhouse on site. However, there is no running water at the Ropes Course.

Is lunch provided?
Unless arranged in advance, the Ropes Course does NOT provide food for groups. There are no cooking appliances, sinks, refrigerators, freezers, coolers, or water fountains available at the Ropes Course. Please bring a sack lunch, water, and snacks to keep your energy high.

I am apprehensive about heights. Do I need to climb?
Absolutely not. The Ropes Course operates on a policy of "Challenge by Choice". Participants choose their own challenges and are never forced to participate in anything that causes extreme anxiety.

Is the Ropes Course safe?
Most definitely. The Ropes Course only uses state of the art equipment and highly trained facilitators. Equipment is routinely inspected and any equipment that is suspected will not be used. Most hardware on the course is rated for approximately 5000 pounds and many activities work on the basis of perceived risk as opposed to actual risk.

Are there first aid stations?
There is first aid equipment at the Ropes Course. As well, the majority of our facilitators are qualified in providing first aid if necessary.

Is there a telephone available at the course?
No. There are no telephones, computers, or fax machines available at the Ropes Course. At least one staff member will be carrying a cell phone at all times.

Do I need to bring any equipment to the Ropes Course?
No. Harnesses, helmets, and any other equipment needed will be provided at the Ropes Course. However, if you have your own climbing equipment you are more than welcome to bring that with you although it must be inspected by our staff before use. Bicycle helmets cannot be worn in lieu of our helmets.

Are there any indoor warming facilities?
No. The PAL Ropes Course is an entirely outdoor facility. In the event of rainy/snowy weather, tarps and tents are provided for refuge from the weather. However, please remember that there is no source of heat at the Ropes Course and dress appropriately. In the sunnier months, the trees provide more than adequate shade to keep participants cool.

Is there an age requirement necessary to participate at the Ropes Course?
No. Nevertheless, neither our course nor equipment is specifically designed for young children. Ideally, children should be no younger than 10 years of age to reap the full benefits of the Ropes Course. If you would like to bring out a group younger than 10 years of age, please contact

Is there parking at the Ropes Course?
Yes. The Ropes Course shares a parking lot with Thunderbird Stadium. Please keep in mind that there is a charge for parking.

Are there bus stops near the Ropes Course?
Yes. The #49 and #41 buses both pass by the Ropes Course. From either direction, the bus stop closest to the course is on the far side of the East Mall and West 16th intersection. The #25 stops approximately 2 blocks from the Ropes Course.