UBC Ropes Course operated by Pacific Adventure Learning (PAL) is offering a special                 Pro-D workshop rate for 2017/18 school year!

The Ropes Course has been facilitating group challenges using experiential learning for well over 15 years.  This time has been used to develop a highly effective series of fun interactive activities with powerful results (“Ah Ha” moments). Each activity is discussed (debriefed) with a predetermined focus provided by you, the learning is then extrapolated to the classroom.

The ropes course was great!
We really enjoyed the session. Dave was awesome!
— Kelly, West Point Grey Academy

Your participation in this series of group challenges will enhance your team but also enhance individual life skills such as:

Thinking outside the Box (Paradigm shifts). Building on Success. Power of your own network (Team). Self confidence / self esteem. Acceptable risk taking, be it talking in front of a group or trying something new. Support: giving and receiving, asking for and offering help.
Teacher’s tool box, a series of activities to take away to use at school (little to no recourses required) Facilitation skills.

Our standard program is 4hrs in length. If you are short on time we also offer a 2 or 3 hr program.

The Focus:

  • Thinking outside the Box (Paradigm shifts) 
  • Building on Success
  • Power of your own network (Team)
  • Self confidence / self esteem
  • Acceptable risk taking
  • Support
  • Teacher’s tool box
  • Facilitation skills.