Our Challenge Course is located right on UBC campus in a beautiful Westcoast forest. The course is comprised of 20 high elements and many, many low challenges. The course is constructed of cables, ropes and wood, attached to the trees.

GROUP SIZE:  7-75 participants

LOCATION: University of British Columbia campus. Please see map on Contact Us page

HOURS:  daylight hours from May through to end of November

TIME SLOTS: our standard and most popular program is 4hrs. If you are short on time we also offer shorter programs.                  Simply let us know your preferred start time and we will do our best to accommodate.

COST: cost varies depending on your group size and type of facilitation required. Please email us for a quote.

CONTACT: For course bookings, please email us at info@palropescourse.com 

LOW CHALLENGES: Our low challenge course contains challenges close to the ground. The group engages in a series of fun problem-solving activities on or near the ground which enhances the team's ability to think about the team's needs versus individual needs. Each activity is designed with a specific learning outcome, be it 'respect', 'support' or 'fun'. Each session generally starts off with simple low challenges to begin the creative thinking process and increase the group's energy before we proceed to the High Elements.


HIGH ELEMENTS: After working through the low challenge course, groups can then engage in the more intensive challenges which take place anywhere from 5-50 ft in the air. This perceived risk greatly enhances the trust within the team, and engages the group both physically and mentally. The high elements consist of beams, cables, and platforms set up in the trees. The course is designed with the team in mind, and provides a role for everyone, regardless of age, or ability. Everybody choosing to climb will be properly equipped with the necessary safety equipment. You may opt to stay on the ground and help with other climbers' success and safety.


SAFETY: Safety is our highest priority. All our equipment is routinely inspected, maintained and replaced. Our staff's main concern is your emotional and physical well being. If you find some of the tasks unsettling or intimidating, our trained professional staff and support network of your peers can assist you in expanding your limits in an emotionally and physically safe environment. At no point is any participant ever forced to participate in an activity they are not interested in.


CHALLENGE BY CHOICE:  The PAL Ropes Course operates under the policy of 'Challenge By Choice'. This is a policy whereby the group recognizes that every participant has his or her own comfort zone as well as personal challenges that every individual in the group must respect.