The PAL Ropes Course offers a variety of programs that can cater to diverse requirements.


Our forested Challenge Course is open from Spring to Fall and is capable of serving up to 75 participants.

As each group's requirements are unique, PAL offers customized programs that specifically meet the needs of each party. You can either contact us before to discuss the focus of the day (be it fun, getting to know each other, respect, trust, leadership skills etc...) or fill out our Needs Assessment form that will help us tailor a program just for you.

“I have been taking my UBC Outdoor Education class to the PAL Ropes Course for several years now. It is an excellent team-building activity, and a lot of fun. We do this at the start of our semester, and find it is a great way for the group to get to know one another and learn how to work together as a team, in a natural outdoor setting. I would highly recommend this for any group looking to develop positive relationships, cohesion, and teamwork.”
— -Sean Soper, Adjunct Professor, Outdoor Environmental Education, UBC Faculty of Education
PAL has been very instrumental in creating a positive learning climate for the participants in the crucial, early hours of the program. As one Manager stated ‘the team building exercises really set the mood for the remainder of the course’. It is clear that a lot of thought went into these events.
— Marilyn, UBC Commerce
The program was well-organized and fun for our staff and we appreciate the planning and effort put into making the afternoon such a success. Thank you for helping improve our team skills and we hope to participate in this workshop again in the future.
— Paula, English Language Institute

Whether you are Faculty or Student we are well prepared to address the range of issues typical to University/College culture, such as student bonds to providing staff/faculty a time to learn and grow together. Many of our facilitators are University students.

Our standard program is 4hrs in length. If you are short on time we also offer a 2 or 3 hr program.