The PAL Ropes Course offers a variety of programs that can cater to diverse requirements.


Our forested Challenge Course is open from Spring to Fall and is capable of serving up to 75 participants.

As each group's requirements are unique, PAL offers customized programs that specifically meet the needs of each party. You can either contact us before to discuss the focus of the day (be it fun, getting to know each other, respect, trust, leadership skills etc...) or fill out our Needs Assessment form that will help us tailor a program just for you.

We are all very impressed with what your 4-hour program has provided for us and we will most definitely push to make this opportunity an annual one. On behalf of 2381 RCACC cadets, thank you and your staff so much for giving us such a memorable and valuable event that fulfilled our training needs
— Tiffany, 2381 RCACC Cadets
The feedback that we received from the Leaders was both positive and exciting. They found your course to be both individual and group learning experience that was challenging and gratifying. They appreciated the ‘hands on’ approach of the PAL instructors as well as the trust that was shared amongst the group. The PAL Challenge Course helped the Leaders learn more about themselves as well as each other and now the ‘team’ is much stronger and accomplishes tasks with more efficiency.
— Jacyln, More Sports

The Ropes  Course helps develop individuals as well as teams. Players learn to go beyond their comfort zone, and build self-esteem while breaking through self-imposed boundaries. We provide opportunities for your sports team or group to develop and bond through a series of challenging and engaging exercises.

Our standard program is 4hrs in length. If you are short on time we also offer a 2 or 3 hr program.