The PAL Ropes Course offers a variety of programs that  cater to children from grade 5 to 12.


Our forested Challenge Course is open from Spring to Fall and is capable of serving up to +75 participants.

As each group's requirements are unique, PAL offers customized programs that specifically meet the needs of each party. You can either contact us before to discuss the focus of the day (be it fun, getting to know each other, respect, trust, leadership skills etc...) or fill out our Needs Assessment form that will help us tailor a program just for you.

Our curriculum break down is but not limited to;


Grade 5-7: EMPATHY

Focus includes: Fun, Inclusion, Participation, Consideration for others.                                  Example of PLO: strategizing to accommodate all needs and abilities in the group.


Grade 8-9: ME to WE

Focus includes : Shifting from what’s best for self to what’s best for the group (community), Encouragement, Offering and asking for support with peers, taking acceptable risks, thinking outside the box                                                                                                                         Example of PLO: “Everyone makes a difference” community



Focus: Experience leading and following, paradigm shifts, leadership styles and group dynamics.                                                                                                            Appreciating different perspectives, dealing with and being aware of frustration in self and other                                                                                                              Example of PLO: Effective communication


Please note this is a guide line only, we have a Needs Assessment questionnaire with every booking, this allows us to cater the day around your groups specific needs.