Have a great team? But want to be stellar?

Our Scaventure© program is about your team having fun, getting to know one another and becoming more successful as a group.

Fostering innovation, creativity and interaction with your team.

Carefully designed experiential and interactive learning experiences require participants to use, not just talk about- the skills of effective problem solving, communication, collaboration, decision making and leadership.

Our company was looking for a fun team event that was both active and required creative problem solving. We found both in the Scaventure Hunt, and we really enjoyed being split into two teams, the competition between the two teams was really healthy and gave the event that extra edge and excitement. Our team couldn’t stop talking about it and the activities really illuminated the differences in our individual styles. It was really nice to get a break from the corporate culture and do things a bit outside the lines, the fact that “creative cheating” was encouraged really added a fun and edgy element that everyone appreciated. Last year we did the ropes course and we are very happy with our choice to do a team building event with PAL again this year. We will be back!
— Klara, NEXUS


We have blended fun, fast paced and highly interactive activities into a memorable teambuilding experience.

The ultimate test of a successful team building program is how well it carries over into the office. Your team will build relationships and friendships that will continue long after the workshop is completed.

Scaventure takes place on UBC campus but we can also come to you.